Carolyns Musings

Soul Food.



     Majestic Mountains.

May the Lord who made the majestic mountains,the tenderness of teardrops,

the raging rivers, the innocence of a child,

the fiery sun and the cooling winds give us ears to hear His word,

eyes to see His glory, tongues to sing His praises,

hearts to know His grace and mercy and a will to follow Him all the days of our lives. 







There have been more books, poems and songs written about love than any other subject, and yet so few of us really understand it and it's healing power.

Love can take many forms, being different things to different people.  There's the love of a mother for her child which is quite different to the love of a man for his wife.  Yet each one is real, strong and nurturing.
The love that good friends have for one another is wonderful too, as is any wholesome, uncomplicated love.

God's love for us is as a parent's love for a is unconditional and never withheld.

All that is required of us is to show that same love to everyone.  It sounds so simple but most of us find loving someone that much, harder than we at first supposed.  We have no trouble loving the lovable but we are commanded to love the unlovable too.  That's where we usually come unstuck.

God makes no distinction when He showers us with His love.  We shouldn't either.  But because we are human, and therefore fallible, we can only try our hardest.  When we reach the point of finding someone completely unlovable that's the time for prayer...."Please God, help me to love."

Real, abiding, healing love asks for nothing in is it's own reward.

I John 4:19   "We love, because God first loved us."