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'Muddle Up'

Posted by NanaMacsPlace on October 5, 2013 at 11:00 PM

If the kids get bored in the holidays or the weather makes playing outside unappetising, you might want to try this game with them.

All you need is an exercise book, as many pens as there are willing participants and healthy imaginations.  If they are older an unhealthy imagination can be fun too.

Write a paragraph and pass the exercise book to the next person.  Each of you write a paragraph of what will probably end up as an interesting and, often disturbing, short story.  It can be as long or short as you want it to be.  The ending usually happens when imaginations dry up or boredom sets in.  My son and I did one not long ago and the ending frustrates him to this day!!  Chiefly, as is the way of a good story, he didn't see it coming.

It started out in a light, fairly tame, way but rapidly mutated.  My son is 28 and I have to admit he is a very good writer and far superior to me.  His interests, however, lie elsewhere but he's always up for a challenge.  Bless him.  The story was evolving into something Stephen King, Clive Barker and others of that ilk would be quite proud.  Without much of a warning, it just got worse!!  From mildly  'adult' and scary it shifted up a gear to R18 and was definitely headed for XXXXX when I decided it was time for this mother/son 'bonding' to stop.

I read it over and over wondering how best to put an end to things.  My son was having way too much literary fun.  He'd described his central character being nervous with sweaty palms etc so I ran with that.  Son sat there looking at my furrowed brow and was definitely smug, knowing he had come close to beating me.  The smile was quickly wiped off his self satisfied face when I ended it with ...

The Director called "Cut.  That's a wrap.  We'll break for lunch now. Thank you people".   My son screamed a lorry load of expletives starting with "Bugger" and "WTF??"  and all I could do was laugh hysterically.  No doubt he'll have his revenge but for now, the pages of our "Muddle Up Stories" book lie blank.

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