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The Pot Hole

Posted by NanaMacsPlace on September 26, 2013 at 6:35 PM

I'd like to share with you an experience I had when I stood as a Local Body candidate many years ago.  It involves an amazing lady I'll call Mary and a small, seemingly insignifcant, pot hole.

Mary asked me, at a public meeting, when the council was fixing the pothole near her home.  She had already written to me about it and I had chased it up.  This is a condensed version of the problem.

One bright sunny day Mary set out for the shops and stepped into a pothole.  She broke her ankle & her wrist.  Although she was in a great deal of pain, it wasn't her discomfort that troubled her.  Mary wasn't made that way.

She had been on her way to the shop on behalf of an elderly neighbour.  This was something she did on a weekly basis.  She shopped, gardened, cooked and cleaned for several folk and she also provided a friendly ear to them.  If the weather had been wet or cold she'd have taken the car but it was fine and sunny.

She was very upset that her 'good deeds' would go undone for the time being.  She phoned around and eventually found others to fill the gap she was leaving.  Mary was in her 80's but never thought of herself.   She worried about all the people around her who would be disrupted by her 'absence'.  Unable to walk or drive she was housebound.  He family paid quite a price especially Amy.

Amy was Mary's great grandaughter.   Keen on ballet she was to attend an audition the afternoon of the pot hole incident.  Amy's mother worked so Mary was to pick Amy up from school and take her to the audition.  It didn't happen that way, of course.  By the time Amy finally got to the audition she wasn't allowed to dance owing to her lateness.  Amy's little heart was broken!

Mary had counted up the number of people whose lives were disrupted by her fall.  It totalled 26!   I was very happy to be able to tell her the pot hole would be fixed the next day.  Sadly, Mary contracted pneumonia and passed away a few short weeks later.  I can tell you her passing affected  more than 26!!

No problem is too small to be concerned about.  Ask your candidates about your worries.  Don't let your neighbourhood lose another 'Mary'.

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