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General Election

Posted by NanaMacsPlace on November 7, 2011 at 4:20 AM Comments comments (0)

It's that crazy time again.  Yes, it's time to go to the polls.  You can tell there's an election going on by all the rhetoric, posturing and politicians looking for a photo opportunity kissing hands and shaking babies.

For many the choice of who to vote for is simple but for others, the choice is anything but simple.  Here are a couple of tips which, I hope, will be useful.

Make a list of the things you believe are important then make an appointment with your MP to discuss them.  If you're not sure who your MP is, a quick trip to your Library will help.  If your MP is seemingly 'invisible' it could be time for a change or it could simply be your own complacency.  Remember this election affects YOU.

A list of priorities makes it easier to choose.  Addressing poverty, mounting debt, health, education etc etc are some of the questions most of us want answered.  The decision you make on Election Day will affect all of us. Be sure you know which Party is most likely to deliver on promises.

JFK was known for saying' Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.'  On Election Day I want everyone to ask 'What will you do with my vote. How will you spend my tax dollar'?

The choice is yours.  Make it wisely.  Become educated about the issues BEFORE you go to the polls.  It is too late to change your mind once the polls have closed.

A Dreamtime Tale

Posted by NanaMacsPlace on April 10, 2011 at 8:13 PM Comments comments (1)

Gather round, I have a story for you.  It could be called a bedtime story because it involves a dream I have ... a recurring one.  I was quite young when it first happened and it has continued ever since.  Not every night but often at 3 monthly intervals. More often than not, it happens at stressful times in my life.  It involves the cottage (pictured) and a woman standing in the doorway.

In the dream I am walking along the side of the road. The road seems to be going uphill.  To my left is the ocean (which one?) and on my right is the cottage.  It is set back off the road and as I get closer to it I have a huge sadness washing over me.

In the doorway stands a woman.  She has what looks like a black shawl round her shoulders and she's staring right at me.  When I feel her eyes on me I feel a tremendous guilt.  I know I'm supposed to stop and go in but I can't (why?).  Without a shadow of doubt I know she is, somehow, connected to me.

My dream always ends as soon as the cottage is out of view.  I had no idea where this cottage was and there was nothing about it to identify its location.  That all changed in the mid 80's.

I was watching a history programme on television and there in the back ground was my cottage.  It wasn't part of the story, just caught by the camera.  I couldn't wait to see the end of the show.  I was sure the location would be mentioned in the credits and it was!!  Instead of shedding light on things for me all it did was make the mystery even deeper.  It was in a country I'd never been to.  A country on the other side of the world!!

Many years later I was given the chance to visit this country and I told my travelling companions of my dream.  I crossed my fingers hoping they wouldn't think me insane.  I needn't have worried as they viewed it as exciting and asked if I would recognise it if we found it.  Of that I was 100% sure.

To condense things for you, I did find it and asked the owners if I could go in.  If someone came to my door telling the story I had told the owners, I'd have called for the men in white coats but I was welcomed warmly. I had also noticed their reaction to me ... as if they knew me.

I knew every inch of the interior even knowing they had changed the colour scheme (they confirmed this).  In my dream I never went inside but now it was all very familiar to me.  I told them how they had changed the garden which they also confirmed.  They were gobsmacked when I was able to tell them which plants had been growing there originally (hydrangeas).  In my dream I heard a noise like a loose fence paling rattling.  I was assured there had never been a fence but a family member mentioned a gate that had a loose paling that rattled.

I was shown a photo of the owner and was dumbstruck !!  She looked like me.   The cottage itself was not as old as it appears so none of my family could ever have lived in it.  Where do my memories come from?  On my return home I showed hubby the pic of the woman (given to me by the family) and the first thing he said was ' she looks like Flo', my paternal grandmother. She was born in NZ many years before the cottage was built.



I have an enlarged copy of this pic on my wall to remind myself of a very special and magical interlude in my life.

All very mysterious and bewildering.  What are your thoughts on this very condensed version of events?  Become a member and chat on my forums or chat to me on at

Tata for now.

Dear Dad

Posted by NanaMacsPlace on April 9, 2011 at 1:21 AM Comments comments (1)

In February 2007 my mother died suddenly and later that year I wanted to find a special card for my Dad.


On Sunday 14 March 2010 my Dad joined my mother. His passing was also very sudden. Below is a copy of what I did for him back in 2007. This will be read out at his funeral on Friday.




Dear Dad,


I wanted to buy you a nice Fathers Day card but none of them said what I wanted them to so I thought I’d write my own words.

Mum’s sudden passing made me realise how important it is to say what we need to say while we have the chance. I can’t tell Mum how much she meant to me and I can only hope she knew how much she was loved, but I can tell you how special you are to me.


Many of my happiest memories involve you … the way I’d wait at Thompson’s corner for you to come home from work, the Wednesdays when you had a box with you containing, in your words, nuts and bolts … ice creams for us. The holidays we had at the Muritai Tourist flats in Nelson and the day you chased away a bee, losing your towel and dignity all at the same time. The time I stayed with Nana and Pop in their old house and waiting at the gate at lunchtime as you drove over the bridge beeping the horn at me. You taught me to be thankful for all I had … “I used to complain that I had no shoes till I met a man who had no feet” and to stop grizzling … “many a man has had his head chopped off and said nothing.” But my fondest memory involved you teaching me to ride a bike. You’d walk behind me holding the carrier all the way down to Thompson’s corner and back. You had the patience of a saint !! One day I finally felt brave enough to tell you to let go, but when I turned round I saw that you were still at our gate. I had made it to the corner all by myself and didn’t even know it. All my life I felt that you were behind me, guiding me and watching out for me.


As a child, I looked up to you, admired and respected you. You were the leading influence in my life … and nothing’s changed. I still have the same admiration and respect for you. Thank you for being my Dad and giving me such a memorable childhood. It doesn’t stop with my childhood, though, as you were the first one at the hospital when I fell off my motor scooter, the first at the hospital when Lisa was born and the first there when we lost her. You’ve always been there for me and that means more then you can know and if I’ve ever taken you for granted (and I probably have) I’m sorry.


Lots of love,

Carolyn XXX




Please value your family and tell them you love them, every chance you get.

Bloody Technology

Posted by NanaMacsPlace on April 9, 2011 at 1:14 AM Comments comments (0)

I suppose I shouldn't complain but technology pisses me off sometimes. I know that's what's enabling us to use this damn thing but it still annoys me.


How many times have you seen one of those annoying 'Error' messages pop up? It never says why you can't do a particular thing, just that you can't! Or that other equally frustrating thing ... 'Page Cannot Be Displayed'. Why the hell not? Is it too much to ask for a damn reason?


Let's take a moment to think about accidentally deleting files. How is it even possible? Loads of warnings pop up, like 'are you sure you want to delete this file'? and 'if you click ok this file will be sent into cyberspace never to be seen again'. Only a moron can 'accidentally' delete a file. I've done it and I bet you have too!!


The things that need to be mentioned here are viruses and spam ... no, not the kind in a can. People often get confused between viruses and spam so let's see if I can shed some light on the differences.


Some viruses are nasty, insidious things that not only fuck with your mind but also with your computer. A simple rule of thumb is never open an e-mail from someone you don't know and never, never open an attachment unless you're 100% sure of its authenticity.


Never trust websites that promise you that they are 'spyware free'. This could mean that they are REALLY free of spyware or it could mean that if you are a moron and click on their page you'll get their spyware for free!!


Many of you use things like Skype or other instant messaging thingees to keep in touch with family and friends. Being able to see them on webcam is cool. You might be wondering about viruses here ... let me reassure you. If the one you're chatting to via webcam sneezes without covering their face, you won't get swine-flu. I promise. It's a different kind of virus altogether.


Finally, on the subject of nasties, NEVER EVER give away your password online to ANYONE. That's really important. Even if the e-mail seems genuine, if they ask for details like that they are about to sting you!!


Now it's time for Spam. More of a bloody nuisance than anything else really. Here's where you get to see the more evil side of my nature.


I bet you know someone who is a hoarder. They hang onto something in the unshakable belief that one day it will come in handy. I never realised,until recently, that I was one such person.


One day I received an e-mail of the spam variety. This one was weird because it promised me a larger penis. Hmmm OK I'll keep reading. The results would vary from person to person but I would eventually end up with a GUARANTEED extra 3" on my appendage. All it would cost me was 3 easy monthly payments of $US19.95 each. At the end of this time I would be totally satisfied. Satisfied?? I would be dumbfounded ... I'm a woman.


At this point, I have a couple of options open to me. I can (a) Report Spam and delete or (b) Delete. As I am a contrary type, I did neither. I just saved it in case it came in handy.


A couple of months later I get another e-mail. This one is advertising an upcoming Little People Convention. I have no idea why I would get this sent to me. Oh wait ... that particular e-mail address had the word 'short' in it. Hmmm I wonder if that's why I got the other ... never mind. Here's where my evil side kicks in.


I copied and pasted all the registation details for the convention, printed them out, then opened the previous e-mail (you know the one) and forwarded it to the convention organisers. I did this in the sure and certain hope it would be sent on to the members. Ok bad choice of words. It would be sent to all the Little People.


Now get evil with me for a moment. All these Little men would be thinking ... Convention, chance of pulling, bigger penis YESSS. Where do I sign? The wording of the e-mail suggests that the growth spurt would occur after each payment was made and the next tablet arrived. These poor unsuspecting souls would wait till right before the convention to take that last pill. Here's where it all gets complicated.


3" in normal terms doesn't sound much BUT if you are LITTLE then it's really a hell of a lot. Remember I printed off all the details for the convention?


I turned up and blended in quite well (I'm very short) and positioned myself, surreptitiously, near the Gents. From time to time, I would hear noises. OUCH ... SHIT. It seems that as a poor unsuspecting wee bloke unzipped, his new appendage flopped out with so much force the wee man in question was flung forward hitting his face on the stainless steel wall of the urinal. Eventually a Little man would emerge with a bandaid on his nose and a trouser snake that reached his toes. It was a fun night really.


So next time you get a weird spam e-mail, hang onto it. It might come in handy for a good laugh.


Always remember, next time you see someone without a smile it may mean their life is even crappier than yours.


Tata for now

Bloody Dogs.

Posted by NanaMacsPlace on April 9, 2011 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I went away for a few days to do some writing. I wish I was the type of person who could write amidst chaos, noise and confusion, but I'm not.


Although I live in a small rural settlement, it's an incredibly noisy one. Loud neighbours, heavy trucks etc all add to my dismay. But the worst noise comes from the barking of the bloody dogs that are close by. I swear to God, or whoever is listening, that there are dozens of the damn things occupying my space and brain. I can't think or sleep and I certainly can't write !!


I love dogs ... no, truly I do. I grew up with dogs and this much I know. A happy dog DOES NOT bark all the time. They bark if they are hungry, bored, or to alert the home owner of an intruder. One such property close by has a dog that barks constantly. The owner should check that their dog is being fed the right diet (check with a vet), then check to see if the animal is bored. Dogs need to be played with. They love to play 'fetch', if a suitable stick can't be found, any Postman will do.


If, however, their dog is telling them that someone has arrived, I suspect that going by the number of times that dog exercises its vocals that the homeowner is either operating a tinnie house or a brothel (perhaps both).


So, like I said, I went away to write. Such was the kindness and warmth of the owners of the Motorcamp I will happily divulge my whereabouts. The location of my hideaway was the Delhaven Motorcamp in Amberley. For those who aren't familiar with the area, it is on SH1 just north of Christchurch. It's well worth a visit.


My unit was set among trees, including a giant gum tree complete with Bellbird. I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven. It was so tranquil even though it's on SH1, the trees muffled the noise.


I laid out all my writing paraphernalia (I don't own a laptop), made coffee and prepared to write. I had barely completed the 1st sentence and guess what? A bloody dog started barking!!


I wrote some of the opening chapter then went to the beach for a look ... truthfully I was looking for some inspiration or sanity, or just the will to live.


A plea to all dog owners ... buy them a muzzle or play fetch with them near a cliff. PLEASE !!!

Musing Number 2

Posted by NanaMacsPlace on April 9, 2011 at 1:04 AM Comments comments (0)

This blog is to explain the 3 preceding blogs, which will have their own titles.

They were part of a collection from another, now defunct, site of mine.  If you've already seen them I apologise but I wanted to include them here.

Musing Number 1

Posted by NanaMacsPlace on April 8, 2011 at 1:53 AM Comments comments (3)

This is my first entry so it's more of an introduction really. You can find all about me by reading my 'About Me' or 'Interests' pages.

I shouldn't be sitting here doing this. I'm supposed to be writing a book but my juices have (almost) dried up. For those of you who live elsewhere, like Mars, my hometown suffered a devastating earthquake on February 22 2011.

Damage to my property was small, superficial and not worth troubling you about. My family is safe although I was unable to reach any of them for several hours.  This was absolutely terrifying as anyone with kids (regardless of age) will know. Sadly, my sister's almost new home is to be demolished.

The main reason I'm writing this instead of my book is that I have been left unbelievably traumatised by February's events. All the 'what ifs' plague my thoughts and makes sleep next to impossible. I find myself unable to concentrate on even the simplest of tasks.  But that was yesterday.

Today I have found that the simple pleasure of building this website has lifted my spirits and I'm sure that soon I'll be pounding the keyboard on the next chapter of my book.  So no more talk about shakes n quakes except to say I'd like you all to check my 'Links' page.  There's lots of important information, a wonderful blog from TVNZ's Charlotte Bellis and a begging page dedicated to Charities for the quake here and also in Japan.

I'll be adding the odd blog now and again to update you on progress on the book.  Just one wee thing while I think about it.  All the work on this site is my own original writing and photos.  Feel free to use them on your own PERSONAL sites but please acknowledge me when you do.  Thank you.

Tata for now